moebius & fellini

Another comic is here. The Balde is in the streets again and this time we did a little tribute to the just passed away Moebius. Koldo, The Balde’s director, found a letter Federico Fellini wrote to Moebius and made the script of this comic to publish them together and make this little tribute. So here is a small conversation between those two genius “At a domain it isn’t life” as the title says. (originally published on two pages)
Oraingo honetan The Baldeko komikia Koldok pasatako gidoiarekin egin dut. Federico Fellinik eskutitza bat idatzi zion Moebiusi eta hori erabili dugu aitzaki komikia egin eta eskutitza eta komikia argitaratuz Moebiusi (eta Felliniri noski) omenaldi txiki bat egiteko, ez dugu Moebiusen marrazki berririk ikusiko… atx!

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