a couple bear sketches

Ok, yes, f***n’ time goes by and weeks pass like a horse stampede… buf.
Here are a couple of photo-based-sketches  I did thinking on something I surelly have to do soon. Just sketching some ideas, in fact I didn’t thought about it too much yet, which style, technique or whatever I should use for it… just to familiarize (is that right in english? guess so…) with bears anatomy, and by the way, try some textures and test Procreate app which I knew recently. So couch+Ipad+Procreate+fingers was a good equation for some sketching.
Un par de bocetillos de sofa con Procreate para ipad. Dentro de poco haré un post con lo poco que sé sobre dibujar en tableta a petición de un colega… a ver que sale.


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