a comic: homo homini lupus


A new issue of The Balde is out and there goes another comic:
The baldeko zenbaki berri bat, oraingoan nire komikitxo batekin barruan:

Click for zoom

Click for zoom

Like other times I did the sketch and draw on the tablet. I coloured a couple of frame on the table but them finished on photoshop.

It was before I updated the apps with their new pixel sizes, that’s why I did each frame on a diferent document so they could have enough size for printing. Then I put all together in photoshop and add some color and the texture.
In the future I must do it all in one file, now that I could do files big enough, anyway, to do one frame per file I used to do the sketch in one file, and then duplicate and transform it to put the selected frame on the size of the hole canvas and use it as reference for drawing. Them duplicate the sketch again and so on.

In those “fast-comics” that it looks like they finished being all I do (sight) I just do the skecth (see below) and them draw directly on them the final drawing.


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