Birdish paper toy:

The Balde’s last issue`s subject is “handcraft” and they asked for a custom paper toy. This strange bird came out after some try and fail.
Paper panpin hau egin nuen espreski The Balderako, izan ere azken zenbakiak “Eskulan” du gai.


First sketch on a recycled paper. everything is more or less but the general concept came out quite straight. Before this I did a couple of more organic concept but they were too complex and I went to something more geometrical.


Then I draw everything on the computer and made it up to check every measure was ok.


And the final with texture.




And this was the double page on the mag.


Download the PDF cliking on the image or here.
Jeitsi PDFa irudian klikatuz edo hemen.

Drop me a line if you make yourself!


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