argazki ta idei bat

Gaur the listserve-ko emailean neska batek hau bota du:

“Here’s one of those ideas: can someone just please invent a better way to vote! And by vote I mean harness the power of big data to poll the public, educate voters at a point of relevant decision-making, match consumer behaviors with intentions, and basically disentangle politics to become a monthly exercise for the average voter to access timely, hyperlocal issues that matter most to the welfare of their community, and weigh their own roles and responsibilities? I dream of that ideal user interface, the functionality and accuracy we’d achieve, and our collective potential.”

Hortxe puntua… eta akaso hilabetero beharrean astero, igandero mezara joatetik  igandero bozkatzera pasa, hori litzateke ba gizarte “zibilizatu” baten bidea.

ta argazkia